Things That Make Healthy Eating Easier

It can be very difficult to change habits and embark upon a healthy lifestyle if you have been stuck in a routine for many years. Healthy eating, just like anything, requires some effort and planning at first until this becomes your new lifestyle and routine. Here are some things that make a healthy lifestyle easier to achieve.

Water Bottle
Not just any water bottle but a sturdy, fun one that you enjoy drinking out of. Make sure it does not leak and that it stays cold or staying hydrated is that much harder. Also look for a bigger one that can help you hit your fluid intake goals each day. Sometimes drinking 2  big water bottles is easier than 8 regular size ones. The one I have is from the container store. It’s 32 oz and fits easily into my work bag without leaking.

I’ve waxed poetic about my crockput multiple times but I really cannot say enough good things about crockpot meals. They require little effort and the meals are full of flavor without added fat, sodium, or sugar. Here are some my favorite crockpot recipes.

Tupperware Containers
Being able to make dinners and lunches ahead of time require dependable Tupperware containers. I love this pyrex glass set we received for our wedding shower that comes in all different sizes and can go in the microwave and dishwasher.

Smoothie Cup
Smoothies are one of my favorite breakfast items. They are easy to make and keep me full for hours. I also love something sweet in the AM and it’s a great way to sneak in protein, healthy fats, fruits and even vegetables for your first meal of the day. I got an insulated smoothie cup with a straw for Christmas this year and it has made my portable breakfast even easier!

Frozen Vegetables
Fresh vegetables are ideal but not always realistic to keep on hand throughout the weeks. Stocking up on frozen bags ensures that we will always have a vegetable with every dinner.

Protein Bars While I always prefer real food, keeping protein bars in my home, desk, and car make it easy to have something healthy if I get hungry. Some of my favorites are Kind Bars, Think Thin Bars, and Luna Bars.

My Iphone
My phone makes my life easier in many ways, including healthy living. I keep a running grocery list in my phone so if I ever have time to stop at the store I know what I need for the week. I also use my card star app for coupons and discounts. There are also a ton of workout apps and apps for logging your food intake. Here are some of the top rated health apps.

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