Possible Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Testosterone boosters have many positive effects, however, it is better to stay away from such substances that can affect a person’s health. Testosterone boosters like creatine, can be taken safely if the male is healthy. Anabolic steroids are artificial and can affect the natural functioning of the body.

Testosterone booster side effects depend on which type of testosterone booster you are looking to use. They are available in two types; legally prescribed or natural, and illegal.

Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Spermatogenesis (the production of sperm) in all men is dependent on production of testosterone by the testes. If testosterone boosts are taken orally, gel, or patch, the testes will stop producing testosterone. This will cause a shutdown in sperm production. This can be a temporary or permanent effect. Younger men, who still plan to have a family, must take this into account.

Side effects of too much testosterone boosters may result in liver damage, cancer of the liver, kidney failure, oily skin, which leads to acne. It is also seen that men who take these supplements may lose their hair very frequently, resulting in baldness.

Testosterone boosters for a long period of time, it may happen that the body may not be able to produce testosterone naturally, due to the reduction of the testicles. You may also suffer from mild to severe rashes. You are also likely to develop prostate cancer, the leading cause of death in elder males.

Effects on your psychological health, depression and mood swings, insomnia and you may find a rise in hostile behavior. With the alteration of the minds function, you might not make the proper decisions. This could cost you everything.

Testosterone gel can enlarge the breasts and make them tender. Skin irritation may also occur at the site where the gel is applied. Reactions to testosterone gel are the same as testosterone that is taken orally.

Testosterone booster patches can experience changes in their sex drive. Just as with other forms of testosterone, the testosterone patch can cause oral problems such as swelling gums, gum pain and tenderness. Skin irritation may occur at the site where the patch is applied. Side effects are also the same.

One of the most important side effects of testosterone boosters can be an increase in the red blood cell mass and hemoglobin levels. This is particularly true of older men, reporting an increased events of heart attacks, strokes or peripheral clotting in the veins.

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